Pledge Badge


My clients and the clients of those agents that refer me are important. I respect their rights to privacy and respect the fact that it is I who serve them and keep them safe while delivering exceptional value. They have entrusted me with their inspection, including ancillary services that may not be available from other inspectors, and I intend to deliver more than is required of me in every transaction. As such, I believe I owe my clients an absolute right to know that their personal and private information is safe with me, my software providers, and partners in my business that help me deliver exceptional value to my clients.

Therefore, I promise that I will not provide to any third party any personal or private information about my client(s) or information about the property I have inspected for them, in exchange for compensation that I might receive, either directly or indirectly, from anyone.

I also promise that my inspection agreement will not include any clause(s) or language that could, in any way, be considered by anyone to waive any rights of privacy that my client might have, inclusive of any waiver of rights or restrictions relative to telephone contacts, e-mail communication, or solicitations from commercial and private enterprises of any type whatsoever outside of myself and the partners I work closely with to provide exceptional service to my clients.  I will not participate in referral programs that result in commissions to myself, and I will not create any conflict of interest wherever avoidable.

The client has the right to know, ultimately, who they are entering into agreement with and how that may affect their rights to privacy. I stand by these principles. I therefore acknowledge that if I willfully violate this pledge, it may be construed as misuse and may also constitute false and misleading marketing or advertising. I take my clients rights to privacy seriously.

I further promise that the safety of my clients is paramount.  Therefore, I promise that I will find recalled items where reasonably identifiable, including major appliances and heating & cooling systems, and assist my client in getting those items repaired free of charge by the manufacturer before any potential fires, water damage, or electrocution hazards arise.

I realize my position in the real estate transaction is to report on defects- not to scare client.  I pledge not to use alarmist tactics, and to do my best in ensuring that I obtain the buyer’s permission (where applicable), to get documentation to any and all interested parties including the agent who represents them so well.  I realize that creating unnecessary friction in a real estate transaction is a disservice to the clients I share with the real estate agents who represent them, and I promise not to diminish, degrade, or make any derogatory comments about an agent to their client, whether that client was referred to me by the agent or not.

This is my Pledge.